“Molly” Gets Support For Her Dog Back Problems

I feel secure and calm in my WiggleLess

“Molly” is a sweet Beagle Lab mix rescued from a shelter. She was born deaf and has episodes of “Snapping Fly Syndrome”. She doesn’t want any surprises so approach her with love and gentleness. Beagles are considered “chondrodystrophic” and they are prone to dog back problems. She wears her WiggleLess® to help support her back and offer a sense of calm and stress relief. WiggleLess® secures around the spinal column. In Chinese medicine,the Urinary Bladder line on the back is one of the most powerful meridians. It is the longest meridian and the Back Shu or transporting points are located on the back on either side of the spine. These points go directly to each of the organs, sense organs and directly impact the emotions. Molly is as sweet as a juicy tangerine and offers her soul to you through her eyes!!!



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