Heat Stroke In Dogs

Please don’t keep me in the car on a hot day!!

Have you heard the horror stories and seen the pictures? Heat stroke in dogs or any animals is NOT good.

This is what my dog told me:

“It is NEVER EVER safe to leave us dogs unattended in a parked vehicle especially during the summer months when the weather is hot and the humidity is higher.  The planet is steaming up, folks. Temperatures in a vehicle can reach 10 to 20 degrees higher than outside; with the lack of air flow and reduced air circulation a vehicle can turn into a hot air tight oven within minutes.  Keeping the windows down still does not allow for proper air circulation and the temperatures will continue to rise within the confines of the vehicle as the windows tend to magnify the intensity of the heat.

We dogs have internal cooling and we usually pant in order to cool ourselves down but when our body temperatures rise we will eventually become affected by the heat and will be unable to cool ourselves down.  Similar to you guys, we dogs when exposed to high temperatures and humidity will begin to show signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion — rapid heartbeat, heavy panting, lethargy, weakness, glazed eyes, convulsions and even unconsciousness.

Keep us at home—happy, safe, and comfortable at home when you are traveling to non-public places or somewhere that does not allow us dogs, especially if you are planning on going shopping, even for just a few minutes.  As much as everyone likes to treat us dogs to a car ride once and a while, it is never a wise decision to leave us in an unattended car.  Keeping us at home—happy, safe, and comfortable at home! Where temperatures are cooler, air circulation is common and we have access to plenty of water is the safest place for us. ALWAYS HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF FRESH, COOL WATER available for us. We get mighty thirsty!!

So you know it is illegal to leave a child unattended in a vehicle at any time, leaving us dogs in a car is just as neglectful and even though it is not illegal (it SHOULD BE and is some where), it is putting us at risk of serious health risks and possible death from exposure to heat exhaustion.

During the summer months the weather is warmer and humidity is on the rise. Please be good to us. Please take care of us. We depend on you! We love you.”

NEVER. EVER. Leave Your Pets Unattended In Parked Car in the heat…and Enjoy A Safe & Happy Summer!

Our favorite way to spend these hot days!





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